Railway Heaters and Relays

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Clarian supplies Turk And Hillinger manufactured Railway point Heaters which hold full Network Rail approval and are on the pads system. The heaters can come supplied with or without plugs and 1.5 metre leads and are formed with off set bends. The heaters are manufactured to the highest standards and are supplied all other Europe to various railway authorities.Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

Clarian also supplies Arteche manufactured relays to support the railway industry. Arteche manufacture to the highest quality and have one of the largest ranges available on the market. The relays are available in multi contact options and have excellent anti vibration and shock characteristics as well as very high dc or ac switching capabilities and exceptionaly quick pick up times.. They also manufcature relays which are suitable for use in nuclear power stations that require anti seismic characteristics.Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

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